Nurture and Nature

A walk in the park

A walk in the park

Isn’t it amazing how the outdoors can bring a child out of their shell? Curiosity can happen naturally and with minimal shouts of ‘No!’ from parents. I love taking my little one out for walks. We were heading to the park on this day, only to discover that our local park shut at dusk. So we walked behind the bushes that lined the main road. It was a pretty shoddy replacement but she didn’t care! She played and hid under bushes I couldn’t crawl under and stomped in puddles. Sometimes I need to just relax and let her be. I can be a control freak at times but when I let her loose, she loves the freedom and has a great time! My goal as a a parent and her teacher, is to choose my battles. I want her to just enjoy being carefree and independent. I have been researching the Montessori method of teaching, and I must say, I have become quite passionate about this wonderful way of educating children. I’m not trained in this method but I definitely want to use many Montessori resources. It will benefit my daughter who is such a kinaesthetic learner. She hates to sit down even for a minute! While the Montessori method does train children to be focussed on tasks, it also appeals to all the senses. I recommend anyone who is homeschooling to research this and try implementing some of the activities into their daily routine!

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