Montessori Matching Game


Today I introduced my little girl to her first Montessori activity. I’m still getting the hang of the three period lesson but we had some success!

First, I went through the farm animal nomenclature cards I printed out free from the Internet; then I demonstrated how to match her toy animals to the cards. She was able to match them right away! I was very impressed! She enjoyed this activity for about 3 minutes then chewed the animals.

Afterwards, I got her to match card to card. She struggled with this activity at first but eventually, after a few tries, she was successful at matching the cards. I think she struggled because I didn’t demonstrate it properly. I tried really hard not to correct her verbally when she got the answer wrong, rather, I just fixed her answer without saying anything and she figured out what she did wrong just by watching me! Fabulous!



The next activity I did with her was a colour matching activity. I used three paint chips I got for free from B&Q (red, blue and yellow) and three of her building bricks of the same colours. I then attempted to do the three period lesson; however, she wanted to match them right away! (I need to seriously reevaluate how I will introduce future activities.) Anyway, she managed to correctly match the three bricks to the right paint chip.


These two activities are both free and simple to make. My little girl is only 23 months so you can definitely start them on Montessori activities before they are three years old. Just don’t expect a long attention span at this point!

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