Monthly Archives: April 2013

Water Play


So we finally had a nice day here in sunny Blackpool! I try to take advantage of every possible smidgen of sun particles as I never know when I will see it again! I took my little girl outside and decided not to get rid of that old baby bath I had collecting dust! I filled it with water and voila! A free water table!

I gave my little one a cleaning sponge, some cups and an empty bottle I cut in half (the end with the cap on it makes a great funnel). She also decided to use a paint brush that was lying around to draw on the pavement with water! I also showed her how to squeeze out the sponge into a container which is a good way for her to build strength in her hand! Overall, a successful morning activity!

Note: don’t put soap in the water as I did. Toddlers love drinking bath water! Why I’ve not figured this out by now, I don’t know!




First Time Painting…


Ok, so I’ve been avoiding painting with my toddler for 2 years. But I finally succumbed to the mess today when she decided to bite her baby sister in the queue at Tesco! It’s obvious she is trying to get my attention and I just need an activity that will hold her attention for longer than 2 minutes! *sigh*. So I grabbed an ice tray for paint, made some salt dough (recipe to follow) and had her paint her creations! And do you know what? When I relaxed and stopped worrying about the mess, I had so much fun with her!

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DIY Counting Sticks


So, you want to teach your child the basics of counting from 1-10? My research led me to Montessori counting sticks. I made mine for about £7 in total. I bought the wood from B&Q for about £5 and I bought tester pots of paint ( you only need one of each colour) for £1 each.


I used a jigsaw to cut the wood. The smallest length is 10 cm, then 20 cm and so on, until you reach 100 cm. There should be 10 lengths in total.


Next, I used masking tape to mark off the exact lengths of each colour in 10 cm increments! I started painting with red as each stick starts with red!


This is what they should look like once the tape is pulled off. You can choose to keep them like this or paint the rest blue to keep with the Montessori colours.


I chose to paint them with blue as well, so when the red dried completely, I taped off what I wanted to paint and painted the sections blue. Now I need to find some sort of way of making them glossy. Any ideas? Here are the completed counting sticks!


My daughter is a little too young to use them right now (unless I want to rearrange my lamps or destroy any breakables), but I think in the near future, they will initially help her understand the concept of larger and smaller (she can put them in size order); that numbers have meaning (counting using her hand to go up each colour); addition and subtraction of numbers to 10, and understanding one more/less etc. These are a valuable, hands-on way of teaching the foundation of mathematics…Or, you and your loved ones could use them as light sabres! The choice is yours!