First Time Painting…


Ok, so I’ve been avoiding painting with my toddler for 2 years. But I finally succumbed to the mess today when she decided to bite her baby sister in the queue at Tesco! It’s obvious she is trying to get my attention and I just need an activity that will hold her attention for longer than 2 minutes! *sigh*. So I grabbed an ice tray for paint, made some salt dough (recipe to follow) and had her paint her creations! And do you know what? When I relaxed and stopped worrying about the mess, I had so much fun with her!



Salt dough recipe:
1/2 cup salt
1 cup flour
1/2 cup water
Cookie cutters of various shapes
Pop your shapes in the microwave from 2-3 minutes bada boom! You are ready to paint!

Later on, I took both girls to a kids’ party and she got to paint again! By the way, great idea for containing mess: buy a plastic table cloth for the floor! Why did I not think of this? Genius! I’m going to get loads of kids (ones I know, obviously) on a nice day in the summer and paint out on the grass in our backyard! Stress free! No mess in the house! Brill! I have never seen 7 toddlers quiet and focussed for so long!



Goal for next time: paint slip and slide! Who needs brushes when you have bare feet!

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