Two Families: Homeschooling Day


Today we headed over to our friend’s house, who also home educates her children, for a baking session.  It is really nice to get the kids together with other like-minded  homeschooling families,to socialise and do activities together!  There were four children all together (including 2 under 14 months) which can be quite difficult!  It can be difficult to homeschool and look after a baby at the same time, so you just do what you can!  But today’s session was very successful and the children (including babies) had a lot of fun!

Today’s highlight: Lady P was given an egg which she banged on the table one handed and put in the mixing bowl, egg shell and all.  It was pretty funny!


IMG_3787Lady P is wearing an apron and hat that I made myself from a website called Making Montessori Ours.  The author was kind enough to put a free pattern on her website, which I printed off and sewed myself (can you hear the pride in my voice?).  This is a very straightforward pattern and is perfect for beginners. In fact, it’s my first project.



After we had lunch (and cupcakes), the children did a picture together then played with play dough!  It was a great day!



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