Alphabet Sound Boxes Part 2


Today I tried the alphabet sound boxes with Lady P and she really enjoyed them.  I started with one box and played ‘I spy’ with her then, when she got the gist of the activity, I moved on to two boxes.  I chose ‘w’ and ‘l’ and she really struggled with this.  Then I realised that those two letters are quite similar in sound and she was getting very confused as to what started with ‘w’ and what started with ‘l’ so I switched the ‘w’ box with ‘b’.  She seemed to hear the difference between these two sounds and she was able to sort the items correctly.  Sometimes she would put them under the wrong one on purpose then look at me to see if I would correct her.  I didn’t at first.  I just moved the item under the correct letter after she went onto the next item and she stopped being silly on her own.  I used my sandpaper letters I made and started my lesson by tracing the letter and saying the sound.  She loved doing this!  Then I demonstrated an item by over-emphasising the letter sound and the word i.e. b…b…battery (yes I put a battery in there, but I don’t recommend it).  She quickly caught on and continued using the same technique.

She wanted to keep going with this activity so I’m happy I’ve found something she really enjoys! I do find that I’m constantly looking around the house for items to put in my sound boxes.  There are pieces missing from all sorts of things: puzzles, memory games…my husband’s keys…Anyways, have fun with this!  (P.S. don’t look at my non-Montessori inspired shelves…I find it impossible to have them neat and organised)

IMG_3794 IMG_3796 IMG_3798

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