Montessori Sorting and Fine Motor Skills


Great Montessori inspired activities are sorting games that work on fine motor skills.  Montessori teaches that children need to be physically ready before they can write.  One way to get them ready is to strengthen their fine motor muscles in their hands.  I bought a pack of large plastic tweezers from Amazon.  Lady P has finally reached the stage where she is strong enough to use them!

I gave the girls each a task (already, at 14 months, Baby S gets extremely upset if she doesn’t get an activity like Lady P); Lady P had to sort the coloured rings using tweezers and Baby S had to put the rings on a little ring holder (a task she found difficult but kept persevering until she conquered it).  I was extremely surprised at Baby S’s perseverance.  I thought she would get frustrated when she couldn’t do it but she kept trying! I think watching her sister kept her on task! Positive peer pressure! When she finally got the ring on the stick, she clapped for herself!

Lady P found her task difficult at first, as the rings were quite fiddly, but she also persevered.  By the end, she could move the rings without any problems and sort them with no problem.  Sometimes you plan activities and your children show no interest, other times, they love it!  You just can’t be sure!  The idea is to keep giving them different tasks and when they are ready, they find the task interesting!



IMG_3867After this activity, I took out the finger paints and let the girls go wild (within set boundaries, of course!)  This was the first time I let Baby S have paints so she was a bit unsure but she loved it once she got into it.  She only ate the paint once…um…yeah…




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  1. Girls look so cute. Lady P looking like a real lady now. Baby S is as cute as ever. Looks like you are having a blast with those girls.

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