We Socialise Dogs, Not Children


I apologise in advance for this rant.  I was speaking with a woman today who asked me about what school I was planning on sending my children.  I told her my plans to home educate…I wasn’t preaching people!  I simply told her I was planning to educate MY children in MY home!  Her look of judgement and condemnation were enough to make my blood boil.  Here is the gist of the conversation along with my real thoughts at the time:

“Home school?  Why would you do that?

Because I like my children, “I just want to have them at home and teach them in a loving environment!  It’s good being home! I enjoy it and they enjoy it.”

“But surely not all the time?”

Actually, I WAS planning to stay at home ALL day, EVERY day, just sitting in my front room in pyjamas, eating ice cream, not socialising my children while they waste away to social rejects who bite their toe nails in public because they don’t realise that’s inappropriate behaviour…because they’ve never been socialised…“I’m involved in plenty of homeschooling activities, in fact, if I wanted to, I could be out all the time with other kids.”

“Aren’t the kids all different ages?”

“…Yes…children learn a lot from children of all different ages.  That’s closer to real life!” then the factory drones public institutions create.  And if your child does manage to keep her personality, she is too worried to show it because other clones convince her it’s not good enough or teachers tell her she needs to reach her targets or she’ll never amount to anything.  Or perhaps she is a bit different because of her culture, or religion, or just because she IS; then what?  Does she spend all her time defending herself or listening to others whisper about her because she doesn’t get involved in certain activities.  Maybe she is a particularly strong child who is independent, articulate, intelligent and adjusts well in school.  That’s wonderful!  Maybe her personality hasn’t changed from hanging out with bad associates.  Maybe she’s not bothered about what people say.  That’s great! The point is, children will never spend huge amounts of time with people their own age once they are in the work force.  School is not a reflection of the real world!  Not anymore!  So why am I constantly being pestered about socialising my children?

I am a teacher, in a high school.  I see what goes on there!  I see how little they spend learning in the classroom.  I see how bored many of them are because sitting in a classroom just doesn’t inspire them!  I’m not against school!  I work in one and I support the education system. Without it, many would never get any education!  I just wish people would give the socialisation thing a rest!  How much blinking socialisation does a child need?  Thirty hours a week of socialisation seems a bit unbalanced!  In fact, my children are responsible for MY socialisation!  Without them, I wouldn’t have as many friends!

In conclusion, homeschooling does not mean social reject.   Homeschooling does not mean you stay at home and have no experiences.  Homeschooling means you learn in the home! We SOCIALISE dogs, we EDUCATE children!  Let’s get it right!!!

PHEW!  Thanks!  I needed to get that off my chest!Image

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  1. Wow, wow!!! I am overwhelmed by your intelligent explanation to that ignorant woman. I wasn’t a teacher in the school system but as you know I home schooled the boys for couple years and I too enjoyed it and so did they. True enough, they didn’t know they had all these issues until they went into that horrible school system. I say keep strong your children will thank you one day. Love you for being the strongest woman I know. I am so proud to be your aunt.

  2. Thank you! That’s exactly how I feel when people mention socialization to me. My kids used to be in public school…I’ve seen and heard what a good portion of these kids are like. If that’s the norm, then I’m happy to have socially awkward kids. (I don’t…I’m just comparing them to many kids today.)

    • I agree! It’s hard for all children in school! They just want to fit in! I just want my girls to be In an environment they can be themselves in! What’s wrong with allowing them to stay innocent? I have read so many other parents’ blogs out there who feel the same way about the socialisation ‘issue’. I’m glad you were brave enough to take your kids out of school! I know many of my friends would do the same if they could live off one wage. But it’s financially impossible! Stay strong!! 😊

  3. Groan! I feel your pain…it seems to come up so much, good for you for your calm response. I tend to avoid those that I know will ask and condemn😜. We are nurturing and supporting our children in a environment where we can encourage learning by meeting the unique needs of our children. I have done both public school and homeschooling with my children and my only regret was that I did not home school earlier.

  4. I love it! I get that question at least once a week lol!!! In future I’ll send them to your blog to save my answering them while trying to look like I’m not about to scream!!

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