Artist Week: Jackson Pollock


We went to our homeschooling group today and it was artist week.  We had to study an artist and then bring in the work we had done!  A fellow friend and homeschooling mum told me about Jackson Pollock and explained that he was an easy artist for young children to mimic.  So that’s who we looked at!

Jackson Pollock doing a splatter painting.

Lady P, Baby S, Daddy and I, all headed to the library to find some books on Mr Pollock.  We found two good ones for littluns.  The one that was really good for preschoolers was called Jackson Pollock (The Life & Work Of…)  Lady P and I looked through the books, then talked about his paintings.  She enjoyed learning his name and now happily tells people that she painted Jackson Pollock.  We also watched a video on YouTube about how to paint like Jackson Pollock with preschool children.  Lady P enjoyed watching the children make a mess art.

Both girls starting out on their canvas.

Both girls starting out on their canvas.

Baby S painting using a stir stick!

Baby S painting using a stir stick!

A masterpiece underway!

Then we started our own paintings!  The girls had a great time until Baby S started eating the paint…then she turned her beautiful splatter painting into a finger painting.  Oh well, wherever the mood takes you, I suppose!  We used canvas and washable paints (which I highly recommend, especially after Baby S dropped her spoon of paint on the carpet!  We didn’t use paintbrushes, but rather, items from the kitchen (i.e. fork, spoon, dropper, stir stick).  After we completed our action paintings, I took pictures and got some images of Pollock’s art off the internet to add to our display.   Then we headed to the group to show off our artistic skills! It was a good day with only mild raised toxicity levels in my youngest child.

Autumn Rhythm, 1950

Autumn Rhythm, 1950



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  1. Spot on! Well done mummy for coping with the mess! Its worth it to see the girls having so much fun. Sorry we didn’t make th group. Couldn’t get up that far without the car so went to bounce and rhyme instead and had an adventure on the way back – all will be revealed on his blog tomorrow!!

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