A Walk In The Woods


Friday of the Easter weekend was another lovely day!  We all went to Beacon Fell, a lovely park with trails through the woods and a great lookout point!  We went with our friend and her little girl and it was an amazing day, followed by a lovely meal at our friend’s house!  Who could ask for more?

I love taking the girls for nature walks because there is no pressure for them to ‘behave’ themselves, they can touch anything they want (except nettles ha!) and can explore to their heart’s content!  I love the outdoors!  Being so far from Canada and their outdoor lifestyle, I try to bring this aspect of my culture into my girls’ lives. Britain has so much to offer and when we have the weather for it, I try to spend as much time outside as possible!  

The great thing about homeschooling is that the children don’t have to spend their time inside when it is nice.  Let’s face it, Britain gets a lot of wet weather so when it’s nice, who wants to be inside ‘learning’ when they could be outside LEARNING!!!


At the top of Beacon Fell! What a beautiful view!

Rest Stop

Rest Stop


Trying out my new baby hiking backpack!

Trying out my new baby hiking backpack!


Overall, we had a great time!  Hiking, running and climbing is all great for gross motor skills; it calms us and brings us closer to each other as family and friends!  There is nothing negative about being outside!  Especially since the bugs are nothing in Britain, compared to the mosquito, black fly, horsefly infested experiences I used to have, hiking in Canada 😉  All the more reason to stay here!


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