My New Curriculum


I’ve not written in a while because the weather has been beautiful and we’ve been outside a lot.  Lady P and baby S have enjoyed themselves!

As you probably know from my other posts, lady P is a highly active child and I’ve been trying to find things that sustain her interest. I know she’s only 3 but I wanted to find something that works for her.

She loves hands on activities, dressing up, running and numbers. But what I never suspected was her love for workbooks! I never thought she’d sit long enough to do them but I bought a Gold Star maths workbook along with a few others and we started them yesterday. She absolutely could not get enough of them! Today she sat for an hour, happily doing her ‘learning books’, as she calls them.

The ones we are doing are the following:

1. Gold Stars, Starting Maths
2. Jolly Phonics Activity Book 1 (she hated the Jolly Phonics workbooks as they were really bland)
3. Jolly Phonics Songs
4. Get Ready for the Code A (a primer for reading and writing)
5. New Heinemann maths workbooks reception

I’m quite pleased she’s enjoying them! Montessori activities are also included but with such a busy life, it’s hard to prepare them everyday so I’m just playing it by ear! I’m sure I’ll get more organised once baby S is old enough to do the work too!

Lady P and daddy working together on Maths.

Lady P and daddy working together on Maths.

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