Pond Dipping and Mini Beast Hunting


Today we met up with other homeschooling families and went to Beacon Fell for a Mini-Beast Hunt and Pond Dipping!  The girls had a great time!  Although they were 2 of the youngest there, the older kids really took an interest in them and included them in the experience.

All ready for pond dipping with Nick the park ranger!

All ready for pond dipping with Nick the park ranger!

We started the morning by meeting all the different families in the area that had signed up to go on this trip.  Then Nick, the Park Ranger, spoke to the children about what sorts of animals and creatures we may find in Beacon Fell.  There were about 30 kids there from baby to 17 years old.  It was a really nice mix of kids.

After this, we headed up to the pond where we split up into 5 groups.  Lady P and Baby S joined 3 teenagers.  It was great!  They were really nice and took time to speak to both girls.  Then Lady P had a go at pond dipping.  She had a blast doing this!  They were both a bit frightened of holding the newts that the others caught but they eventually got the nerve to touch them!


Putting her net in the pond


Emptying her net into our bucket to see what creatures she has caught!













What a great experience for little one and big ones alike!  I’m definitely going to buy a net and some containers with magnifying glasses so that we can do more of this at home!

We found loads of tadpoles, which lady P now knows are baby frogs!  She enjoys telling everyone this new piece of information.

I’m hoping if we do more mini-beast hunts, she’ll get over her fear of spiders (although her fear keeps me safe from unwanted creepy crawlies being pushed into my face!).

Holding a newt

Touching a newt


Baby S looking at a newt from a healthy distance (that’s my hand)

After we did our pond dipping, we headed over to the woods for the mini-beast hunt.  Lady P wasn’t as interested in this but some of the other kids found frogs and ladybirds so she got to look through the magnifying glass (or maganye glass, as she calls it) to see what they looked like close up.

i spy with my little eye...

i spy with my little eye…

looking at a frog.

looking at a frog.













Overall, I give this trip a well-deserved 5 stars!  The girls had an amazing time, met loads of new friends and learned all about creation!  What more could you want in a homeschooling lesson?


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