Spielgaben 101


Hello all!

I’m so excited to share the new educational toy that I purchased (thanks to my extremely generous parents!).  Spielgaben is an amazing educational experience and I highly recommend it!  It is quite pricy (around £200) but it’s well worth it as you get 8-12 years of activities and a whole curriculum dedicated to the Spielgaben toy!


Picture taken from Spielgaben website

Picture taken from Spielgaben website

There is a natural progression when using this product.  The activities start for 3 year olds but it can be used with older kids as well.  Let’s face it, I’m enjoying it too.  The recommendation is for children to be allowed to work with it whenever they want but to have 1-2 parent led lessons per week in order for the Spielgaben to reach its full potential.  Even young babies can use some of the items so they don’t feel left out during homeschool sessions  (Baby S used the knitted balls and blocks for a bit)

I’m still learning how to use this set but I think the more I follow the guides and recommended lessons, the more I’ll be able to come up with ideas.  Also, Lady P should be able to come up with her own ideas too.  She is full of imagination.

The customer service for this product was exceptional!  They responded to my emails immediately.  Delivery was free in the UK.  I had to pay in US dollars but I didn’t have a problem with that!

So what have we done so far?  Not much really.  Lady P made some shapes with the knitted balls;


She matched the coloured rings with the balls;


She used the pegs and tried the lacing board.  Overall, she really enjoyed it thus far!  Tomorrow we will be starting some of the organised lessons.  I will let you know how it goes!  No matter what philosophy you use in your homeschool–whether it be Montessori or Reggio etc–this will be a welcome edition to your home!

IMG_5772 IMG_5773


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