DIY Montessori Constructive Triangles


I’m finally feeling super motivated to get all my Montessori projects finished for Lady P. It is probably because I am pregnant and rather than clean my house, my nesting is causing me to finish tasks. Works for me!

So I downloaded a PDF file from Livable Learning

for all 5 boxes of constructive triangles, bought three size A1 foam boards for £3.50 each, glued each piece to the foam board, then used ModPodge to protect them, used a craft knife and metal ruler to cut out each shape (very tedious), then I created a box for each constructive triangle set out of foam board as well.





Today, I watched a video onYouTube about how to present Constructive triangles. I did the lesson with Lady P and she loved it! She even learned the word ‘parallelogram’ (which made me smile).

Now these are not perfect but they work for us!

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