Montessori Afternoon


We had a busy day yesterday! We enjoyed a play date in the afternoon, followed by a nap (I had a whole hour to myself!) and then the girls wanted to do their Montessori activities.

Baby S was able to match her three primary colours to paint chips (I’m a bit sad I didn’t get a photo). She doesn’t know which colour is which yet but I think if we do this activity a few more times, she’ll get it.

Lady P learned how to put her counting beads in pairs. She didn’t get it until I made up an elaborate story about how each bead needed a friend. It worked well with the even numbers but she became distressed that some beads were by themselves. Oops. Slight fail but she finally got over the poor bead’s loneliness when I explained that we all like to be alone at times! I decided to start this lesson by only giving her the right amount of beads for each number because she is so easily distracted. She checked her work afterwards by recounting the beads.

While Lady P did her activity, Baby S played with her sensory beans. She practiced scooping into containers and used her plastic tweezers.

Lady P also used her sandpaper letters and traced ‘y’ and ‘e’ then practiced writing them in her cornmeal tray. She enjoyed this activity.

Last, both girls practiced pouring! It’s an excellent way to get children to drink tonnes of water as well!

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