Constructive Triangles and The Pink Tower


Today the girls seemed ready to work! Lady P loves workbooks and actually prefers them to other activities.

We are currently working through the New Heinemann Maths’ workbooks for reception (although she’s only 3) but she has a pretty good understanding of numbers to 10 so we are doing that book. I actually like these books and recommend them for children who like workbooks. They are colourful and interesting. I may continue to use them plus Montessori mathematical material for my children.

Lady P is also working through Get Ready For The Code A. These are great primers. She is currently working on consonants b, f, m, k, r and t. Lady P really likes this series. I only do a couple of pages each time.

I am consciously trying to not be so ‘teacherish’. I’m homeschooling my children but I’m so institutionalised, I have to really fight not to be so institutional at home! It’s hard! I already see traits in Lady P I wanted to avoid! She is afraid to do things wrong and that is totally my fault so now I resist the urge to correct her when she is learning new things! Do any of you struggle with this?

Baby S went through the Montessori shelf and tried everything! She loves hands on activities! I can already tell Montessori is exactly her thing.

Baby S coloured while I did workbooks with Lady P. Then she tried stringing beads on a pipe cleaner (she needed a lot of help with this).

Lady P began work on Constructive Triangles. She did the square box first and confidently knows what a parallelogram is. She is unsure of rhombus or trapezoid but asks what they are after she’s made them. She started work on the triangle box and sped through that one as well! I think she enjoys maths materials and workbooks the most. It’s helping me learn a lot because I’m finally learning the foundations of maths in a way I never learned them myself. Montessori is wonderful!


As this was going on, I worked with Baby S on the Pink tower. She basically got the concept after doing it with her once. She can’t seem to see the difference between the sizes of the large blocks but once I put the first 4 on top of each other, she built the rest correctly herself. She loved the fact that she couldn’t get the smallest block to stay on the top. Her fine motor skills are not steady enough. However, baby S differs to lady P because she perseveres when she can’t do something. So we had a big celebration when it finally stayed.


I’ve had a lovely encouraging morning! They are now napping so I can rest my large pregnant self! Phew!

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