Daddy Homeschool


Today I had to work so hubby homeschooled Lady P. I have 1 more day until I finish for maternity leave and I’m so tired I can see through time! Needless to say, it’s all about survival these days (and trying not to lose my rag). Being pregnant and having a toddler and preschool age child is extremely tiring but I’m not complaining (or trying not to 😉 and WHY are girls so loud? Can anyone tell me? Maybe it’s just my kids because they got my loud gene (I seem to remember my mum telling me to be quiet a lot ha).

Today, my hubby did reading with the girls, rode bikes and continued doing Montessori maths activities with lady P. She is working with the bead stair (which I made myself) and number discs. I haven’t moved her along to the teen numbers yet because I’m not 100% sure she fully grasps 1-10 concretely and abstractly yet. So I figure we can stay on this until it’s easy for her, then I’ll move on. I’ll post about where I got the beads because I got a really good deal on beads (if only I could get a good deal on time!)


She put the beads in order from 1-10 then put them on the right disc. She also worked on the concept of zero. Afterwards, she coloured a bead template I got from Imagine Our Life.

Doing little bits each day has helped Lady P stay interested and focussed.


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