Story Writing For Pre-writers


I came across a really good Montessori activity that I thought I could do with Lady P, on the spur of the moment. Lately, my life is chaos and survival is the name of this game! The kids get sick, my hubby gets sick, I get sick and repeat! I have 7 weeks left of my pregnancy and I need an easy life.

So the exercise I did today involved my imaginative preschooler telling me a story. Then I scribed it for her, word-for-word, slowly repeating what she said for emphasis. This shows her that words have meaning and not just any words, but her words! Occasionally, I asked her questions to stimulate her thoughts but overall, she got it!

She LOVED this activity! She illustrated it afterwards and we read it together.


This is really good for language development as children love telling stories! You could also do this activity by showing a picture or illustration first and get them to tell a story about what is happening. Even children who are not overly interested in creative expression could give facts about a picture for you to scribe.

Have fun!

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