Just Another Day


Today we started our day cleaning the house (the girls helped) then we went to a singing group for S (it was for Lady P too but she was the oldest there).

S loves singing and dancing. She is obsessed with Music Man (which she calls Pia Pia piano) and Wind the Bobbin. The singing group was perfect for her and on Fridays while Lady P is in nursery, I’m taking her to a 45 minute session, called Jo Jingles, which S will love!

Later on today, the girls and I started our Princess unit. They painted the outside of a castle I pre-prepared while they were napping. I used a shoebox, cardboard and toilet and paper towel rolls. I pre-painted everything with gesso paint so that the water based paint (I.e. Washable paint) would stick to the shiny surface of the box. I highly recommend doing this on any surface you want to paint with your children otherwise the paint peels off when it’s dry. Very tedious!



Both girls were silent the entire time they painted! It was really nice watching them work together. I helped cover what they had left and enjoyed the peace. Tomorrow we are decorating the inside with ‘carpet’, ‘wallpaper’ and “sparkly bits”, as lady P says. Then they can use their castle for their little people. Lady P especially likes acting out stories she has listened to so now she has a princess castle to use!

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