Monthly Archives: March 2015

Toucan Box- Quality Time. Delivered.



I ordered a free Toucan Box  promotional petite craft box for Lady P and I was a bit judgmental at first.  I thought it wasn’t very inspiring but was pleasantly surprised at how much my girls enjoyed the project.  They had to create an old pirate map and a parrot.  The small pack included everything I needed (including a teabag to make the map look old) and we did our project!  

Afterwards, Lady P wanted to continue with the fun so we made hooks for our hands (an extension activity it recommends) and I hid treasure in the house for them to find! It was a nice little project!  I’d continue to get them but I’m still deciding if I want to spend the money each month! 



Amazing App for Homeschoolers


I recently downloaded OneNote for my iPad and it’s amazing!  I can plan my year by making curriculum checklists; document the progress of each of my children using pictures and notes; and even separate everything by subject!  It’s really handy if you struggle to get organised!


I will also be able to add tabs so I can do next year’s planning for each of my children when the time comes, and I won’t have to delete this year’s information.  This will be a great tool for parents who have to show their child’s progress to educational authorities as its all documented!  I highly recommend this app!

Toddler School


Lady P is in nursery today so I spent some time with Baby S doing whatever she wanted!  First, we played with play doh making Minnie Mouse bows (she wanted a mummy bow, a daddy bow and a baby bow).  

Afterwards, we did her alphabet puzzle and did all the letter sounds together.  Then we did sandpaper letters.  I got her to trace them (barely) and say the sound of s, a and t.  She knows s already because of her name. Then I asked her to point to each letter which she did.  But then she didn’t want to do anymore. 

After this, she chose her new rainbow toy that someone bought her.  We practiced making a rainbow and I asked her to pass me the colours.  So far, she knows orange.  Then she made a tunnel using the pieces from the rainbow. 

While I did laundry, Baby S watched The Letter Factory and managed to sit through the whole thing! Now she’s having a nap!  So that was my very simple toddler school!  All accomplished holding a newborn! 

Post Baby Homeschool


Having recently had Little Dude 2 weeks ago, homeschooling has gone downhill!  I’m fearful Lady P is unlearning her letters but I suppose that’s not really the case!  I’m just paranoid! 

We still have plenty of story time, messy play, going to play places, imaginative play, play dates, singing groups and other unofficial learning opportunities (like Spanish lessons with Dora and Diego 😉

Today we made peg art from a kit someone gave us as a gift.  Lady P made some with me and Baby S made lolly stick art with daddy!  

Lady P also received a nail polish kit and kindly did our nails (including daddy’s).  She is so girly! 

And Little Dude managed to stay awake for longer today!  He’s learning how to focus his eyes (homeschooling a newborn is incredibly simple…)

So that’s been our day!  We shall see what tomorrow brings!

Introducing our Latest Edition


Our new little dude finally arrived 9 days late, but he’s here just the same!  Homeschooling will resume when my head stops spinning: hopefully in September!  It was an exhausting last few weeks of my pregnancy, followed by an exhausting week of learning how to parent three children (I will never leave home on time again).  Sleepless nights, coupled with two enthusiastic balls of energetic girls and I’m ready to go to bed at 7 pm!  But I’m sure we will figure it out eventually!