Lady P Officially Starts Reception


We have been trying to spend the last remaining nice days outside before the British Winter/Rain begins.  It’s been surprisingly mild and dry so that’s pretty exciting.

IMG_1253 IMG_1252

Lady P has officially started Reception (well, she started in September).  She is still attending nursery 3 mornings a week until she turns 5 so that she can enjoy herself and try new things.  She has the occasional meltdown before she goes but that seems to have diminished when we told her she only has to go when she wants to.  As a result, she wants to go everyday.  Hello reverse psychology (although we never intended it to be reverse psychology).  She also started going to a Football club, which she absolutely loves!  Running for 45 minutes straight seems to be her greatest joy (oh how I wish I shared this joy…).


We have also started Cheeky Girl on some Montessori activities for learning her letters.  She does well pointing at the right letters when we ask her where they are, but struggles to name them.  But hey, there’s no rush!  She’s been working on S, A, T, and P.  She has also been using the metal insets and shows great patience at any activity she is doing (unlike Lady P who is more interested in pretend play and active play).


I am finding it quite difficult planning my days and I really envy those home educating families who have it all under control (or appear to ha).  Having three little ones is a challenge in itself but adding home education to the mix makes for extremely busy lives!  But I never think about sending them to school.  I’m absolutely loving having them at home even if it can be stressful at the moment.  I’ve heard from other parents that it takes 3-4 years to get a regular routine that works for a family.  So by the time Little dude starts school, we should be laughing!

Right now my main focus is encouraging Lady P to read, helping her to get rid of excess energy in a positive way and learning how to deal with her anxiety about new experiences.  But more about this in another post.

I will try hard to write more often, now that I’m accountable for Lady P’s education and that I’m not stuck in a whirlwind of newborn baby!  Anyway, my eldest is currently dragging her sister around like a puppy using a set of earphones…oh dear…

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