Love is a better teacher than duty -Albert Einstein

What does this mean for me as a mother of two children?

As a teacher, I know what the school system is like. Teachers are not given the freedom or time necessary to help every student to love learning. By the time they get to secondary school, many children are already used to being told what to write, when to write it and how often. ‘Research’ consists of copy-and-paste from the Internet and imagination has been stifled by SATs and other exams that put so much pressure on children, they almost hate school. When told to write about what they want,the typical response is “I don’t know what to write about!” We live in a nation with a dying imagination. What can we, as parents, do about it?

Home Education never passed my lips before I had children. I loved school as a child growing up in Canada; I valued my education so much, I decided to teach for a living. But the longer I taught, the more I became jaded. I worked with many children who had special educational needs and I found there was no place for them. It was ‘and here’s something else you can’t do’ type of system. How had these children managed to get into high school without being able to read or write? Where did it all go wrong?

Which leads me back to the beginning. What would I do for my own girls? My husband insisted on homeschooling our children and I started to see his reasoning. He was bullied as a child; his teachers barely noticed him as he was a mediocre student; sports didn’t interest him and so school was a place of misery for him. I began to see school as being either a wonderful place for those who fit in or a place of torture for those who just didn’t pass that assembly-line mould.

Love is the only way to truly learn. A child must feel valued in order to participate in the learning process. They must feel comfortable and respected in order to take in knowledge and give their opinions. And so I embark on the homeschooling adventure in hopes that my girls will grow up always knowing love as their guide.

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