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Collage Faces


I recently saw a post on Pinterest (don’t know where) about how to make faces using collage art. We used photos of the girls faces, cut out their eyes, nose and mouth and glue them on a face they had drawn. The effect was quite good! They also traced their hands and glued them on to their picture as well. 

In the morning, we attended homeschool group and the kids played with their friends while the grown-ups drank coffee and chatted. Then the girls went for a play- date and I chilled with little man! Overall, it was a lovely day!

Rainbow Rice 


It was a lovely day today so we spent some time outside playing with worms!

Today we also made rainbow rice! It was lovely and dead simple! Just add a splurge of ready-mixed paint, some peppermint essence and leave to dry!


We also did some maths with the new curriculum I’ve ordered called: Maths! No Problem.  Lady P is enjoying it as it’s based on Singapore Maths. I really like it and find it straight forward and easy to use.



Our Curriculum Line-up


I decided to plan this year loosely around topics the girls have chosen.  Along with the Year One National Curriculum, I’ve added topics they are interested in.


  • Tigers
  • Dinosaurs
  • Chicks
  • Butterflies
  • Nursery Rhymes
  • Fairy tales
  • Trees


  • Seasons
  • Human body
  • Materials
  • Animals
  • Nature journals


  • Types of houses
  • Canada
  • The continents
  • The U.K.


  • Heinnman maths books
  • Montessori maths curriculum
  • Spielgaben

Lots of sensory bins


  • Lots of outdoor play
  • Swimming Lessons 
  • Dance Lessons

All this may change but this is our year in advance! Once I’ve tidied my homeschool area, I’ll post photos!

Happy home ed everyone! 

Coping With Three Kids


So I have been away from my blog since having my third child but things seem to be settling down now!  I feel like I’m not being pulled in 20 different directions! Little dude is 5 months this week and man, is it going super quick! He’s a beautiful cheeky little man!  

 But thankfully, he’s the most chilled out baby ever!  

I’ve been keeping it easy with homeschooling! I decided it is much easier to follow a lesson plan to teach Lady P how to read so I bought Teach Your Child to Read in 100 Lessons

Amazing so far!  100 easy lessons that take 10-15 minutes depending on how quickly your child understands the concepts and that’s it!  I will review it when we are further along. Lady P really enjoys them.

Cheeky Girl (no longer known as Baby S) has been doing messy play, learning letter sounds and basically is just exploring her environment.  We always become a lot more laid back with our second children don’t we? 

Well, that’s about it for now!  Lady P officially starts ‘reception’ in September.  But we’ve decided to put her in three mornings of nursery until she’s 5 and continue home education. I go back to work 3 days a week so my husband and I are juggling home educating the kids!  So far, we have a well-oiled machine of being home on opposite days so the kids are always with one of us! 

See you all soon!

Post Baby Homeschool


Having recently had Little Dude 2 weeks ago, homeschooling has gone downhill!  I’m fearful Lady P is unlearning her letters but I suppose that’s not really the case!  I’m just paranoid! 

We still have plenty of story time, messy play, going to play places, imaginative play, play dates, singing groups and other unofficial learning opportunities (like Spanish lessons with Dora and Diego 😉

Today we made peg art from a kit someone gave us as a gift.  Lady P made some with me and Baby S made lolly stick art with daddy!  

Lady P also received a nail polish kit and kindly did our nails (including daddy’s).  She is so girly! 

And Little Dude managed to stay awake for longer today!  He’s learning how to focus his eyes (homeschooling a newborn is incredibly simple…)

So that’s been our day!  We shall see what tomorrow brings!

Introducing our Latest Edition


Our new little dude finally arrived 9 days late, but he’s here just the same!  Homeschooling will resume when my head stops spinning: hopefully in September!  It was an exhausting last few weeks of my pregnancy, followed by an exhausting week of learning how to parent three children (I will never leave home on time again).  Sleepless nights, coupled with two enthusiastic balls of energetic girls and I’m ready to go to bed at 7 pm!  But I’m sure we will figure it out eventually!

Montessori Number Rods


I have finally varnished my number rods (using yacht varnish [probably very toxic]) however, this material will only be used with supervision until both girls are old enough to keep things out of their mouths (my eldest is terrible!).  

The first activity I did with Lady P was to carefully take the number rods from the shelf and place them gently on the rug (this may seem like a silly step but long sticks of wood and toddlers generally don’t mix).  I read about the number rods beforehand and learned that if children handle each rod using two hands (one at either end), they begin to understand the concept of 1 being a small amount and 10 being a larger amount.  Once we got to 10, the rod was too long for her to hold at either end.  I named each rod as I gave them to her: “this is 1…this is 2…etc”.  She usually repeated what I said and took them to the rug  (Now, I’m using the number rods in the same way that the red rods would be used.  I just didn’t see the point in making two sets of rods for my personal home use.  You could, however, paint your rods all red then add the blue stripes when your toddler is ready for them. ) 

The second lesson we did was ordering the rods from shortest to longest.  I made the mistake of trying to get her to order all 10.  I should not have done this as she was completely lost.  Next time I will focus on 3 or 4 rods then add a few more as she perfects the activity.  I used vocabulary like short, shortest, long, longest, longer etc.  She could pick out the shortest rod and the longest rod but it got a bit fuzzy after this.  

The last activity I did with her, she absolutely loved!  We created a ‘maze’ using the rods; then she got to balance and try to walk, one foot in front of another (an impossible feat for a 2 year old), around the ‘maze’.  She could not do it without stepping outside of the maze with her other foot but she enjoyed the activity.  This activity helps young children learn to balance.  Another popular activity that also teaches this is walking the line.  But I’ve not done this with Lady P yet.


So far, the number rods are proving a good diy project.  You can see how I made them here on my blog.