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Autumn already?


The weather has been wet this summer! And now it’s autumn weather! The kids had a busy day today! They got more done then I expected as we are watching another Little person twice a week.

Yesterday was also a good day for learning! We have hit the ground running!

Because my eldest has ADHD, I’m attempting to create a better schedule. She needs to know what we are doing and how long we are doing it. This can be annoying for me but then I realised she NEEDS to know! It causes anxiety when she doesn’t know. I personally find it difficult creating a schedule we follow all the time because we are a home, not a school and I didn’t really want it to mimic school. I guess I’ll try somewhere in between!

Patterns and Phonics


Hello fellow homeschoolers!

Today is a bank holiday but Lady P still wanted to do some school.  Today we worked on patterns in her Gold Star Starting Maths workbook.  She is still working on patterns and since there is only one page in her book, we did a bit more with duplo blocks to practice her new skills.

We started with the simple pattern in her book that had a the pattern ABAB.  This was easy for Lady P so I got out the duplo and started making more complicated patterns for her.  She found them a bit tricky but seemed to understand the basic concept by the end of the lesson.  She did a ABBABBA pattern and then we tried a ABBBABBBA pattern.  I started the sequence for her and she finished it.  She really enjoyed the activity.   Obviously, this could be done using any blocks or counters you have available.  You could use dried beans, beads, fruit, whatever you have on hand!  The best time to do this activity is when they don’t know they are having a lesson.  You could do it during breakfast with dried cheerios and some other cereal.

Colouring in her pattern

Colouring in her pattern

Doing a sequence with duplo bricks.

Doing a sequence with duplo bricks.











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Chicka Chicka Boom Boom


Children’s books are plentiful in bookstores across the nation but which ones do we choose? Usually I pick up a lot of books from second-hand shops or from the local library but this summer, when I went to Canada on holiday, I picked up Chicka Chicka Boom Boom (Classic Board Books) written by Bill Martin Jr. and John Archambault. This book is amazing and really teaches children their alphabet in a playful way through rhyme and bright pictures. Lady P loves this book and can recite most of the story!

The story is about all the letters of the alphabet who want to race to the top of a coconut tree but ‘Chicka chicka boom boom, will there be enough room?’


There are several websites that produce activities based on this story. For instance, Making Learning Fun has several activities that are great to use. Lapbooks by Carisa also do lapbooks for this story that you can download for free. I also like to show my girls the discovery video from SchoolTube which retells the story with a catchy tune (but be warned, you WILL hum it constantly!)

Baby S can’t keep still to actually listen to the story but she loves looking at the pictures on her own and likes the video!



Overall, I think Chicka Chicka Boom Boom is great for teaching the alphabet and getting children interested in reading. Older children will LOVE reading it to younger siblings! A must have for any homeschooling family or anyone who loves reading with their child! Enjoy!