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Rainbow Rice 


It was a lovely day today so we spent some time outside playing with worms!

Today we also made rainbow rice! It was lovely and dead simple! Just add a splurge of ready-mixed paint, some peppermint essence and leave to dry!


We also did some maths with the new curriculum I’ve ordered called: Maths! No Problem.  Lady P is enjoying it as it’s based on Singapore Maths. I really like it and find it straight forward and easy to use.



Bank Holiday Weekend

Bank Holiday Weekend

What beautiful weather we had! On Sunday I got the pool out and the kids made a water slide.  They were freezing but loved it! Lady P kept thanking me for the best day. 

We played in the back garden all day and enjoyed the sun.

Monday was busy but exciting!  We went to an outdoor bouncy castle hamlet with friends.  Three families, 11 kids!  It was great!  Afterwards we drove to a picnic site, ate our lunch then went on a walk.  We all ended up in the river but the kids had a blast!

I love spending time outside!  I truly enjoy my kids the most when they can run around and be kids! In today’s world, they can’t run off and be free anymore because it’s not safe so if I can get as much free play as possible in their life, all the better! I’m so thankful I can home educate them! It is such a blessing!

Into the Woods

Into the Woods

I am trying to spend time outside every day I can with the kids.  On Wednesdays, we have a little friend who comes to play as well: so going outside is the easiest thing to do! 

This week we went to a small wooded area near our home and just spent time exploring.  When I asked Lady P if she wanted to go to the playground after,  she responded: ‘no thank you, I want to stay here!’

WHAT? This is a first!  My experiment is working!  She is slowly becoming an outdoor child! Whoopee! 

Picking the flowers of wild garlic

The boys exploring wood chip and crawling in the dirt

We did eventually go to the playground to wait for our little friend’s mummy to pick him up. The girls practiced balancing and ran around with no shoes on. I read an article about the importance of walking with no shoes on.  ‘Walking barefoot…develops the muscles and ligaments of the foot, increases the strength of the foot’s arch, improves proprioception (our awareness of where we are in relation to the space around us) and contributes to good posture.’ (The Guardian) I’ve decided to let them go barefoot as much as possible, where it is safe to do so. (One step closer to tree hugger)
In the morning, it was raining heavily so we did our schoolwork then.  
It was a wonderful, stress-free day! It’s days like this that make me glad I made the choice to home educate! 


Post bundle


I’m very behind in my posts so I’m going to just post the pictures of the last few weeks of our home ed days! 


Lady P Officially Starts Reception


We have been trying to spend the last remaining nice days outside before the British Winter/Rain begins.  It’s been surprisingly mild and dry so that’s pretty exciting.

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Spielgaben 101


Hello all!

I’m so excited to share the new educational toy that I purchased (thanks to my extremely generous parents!).  Spielgaben is an amazing educational experience and I highly recommend it!  It is quite pricy (around £200) but it’s well worth it as you get 8-12 years of activities and a whole curriculum dedicated to the Spielgaben toy!


Picture taken from Spielgaben website

Picture taken from Spielgaben website

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A Walk In The Woods


Friday of the Easter weekend was another lovely day!  We all went to Beacon Fell, a lovely park with trails through the woods and a great lookout point!  We went with our friend and her little girl and it was an amazing day, followed by a lovely meal at our friend’s house!  Who could ask for more?

I love taking the girls for nature walks because there is no pressure for them to ‘behave’ themselves, they can touch anything they want (except nettles ha!) and can explore to their heart’s content!  I love the outdoors!  Being so far from Canada and their outdoor lifestyle, I try to bring this aspect of my culture into my girls’ lives. Britain has so much to offer and when we have the weather for it, I try to spend as much time outside as possible!   Read the rest of this entry

Montessori Sorting and Fine Motor Skills


Great Montessori inspired activities are sorting games that work on fine motor skills.  Montessori teaches that children need to be physically ready before they can write.  One way to get them ready is to strengthen their fine motor muscles in their hands.  I bought a pack of large plastic tweezers from Amazon.  Lady P has finally reached the stage where she is strong enough to use them!

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A Walk In The Park


Children benefit from daily interaction with nature; this is a proven fact! In today’s modern world, family life has changed. Children watch more television, play more video games and overall, spend more time indoors then they used to, say 50 years ago. We live in an increasingly dangerous world where playing on the streets is a thing of the past. Parents have to work more because of the decaying economical climate and children have to stay in because it isn’t safe anymore. So what can we do as parents?

I must admit, I don’t have enough time to take my girls on adventurous expeditions to beautiful landscapes everyday. But I do have spare moments to take them to the local park. In fact, today we went to the park and ended up spending more time playing in leaves and bushes then actually going on slides and swings. It was a run down area behind the park, with overgrown bushes and forgotten leaf piles, that intrigued my toddler and her little friend. They investigated leaves, picked up sticks, trudged through brambles and laughed with pink cheeks that glowed!



So what are the benefits of daily time in nature?

Daily exposure to diverse natural settings:

1. Supports the multiple intelligences
Children develop intellectually, emotionally, physically, socially and spiritually from being allowed the freedom to explore their environment.

2. Supports creativity and problem solving
Children tend to engage in more creative and cooperative play when in green areas.

3. Enhances cognitive abilities
If children are near nature, can see nature or experience nature daily, it can increase their ability to focus and enhance their thinking ability.

4. Improves academic performance
Studies have shown that children who go to ‘green’ schools improve in their overall test scores.

5. Increases children’s physical activity
Children who are exposed to diverse natural settings are more active, are more aware of nutrition are more civil to one another and more creative.

6. Improves nutrition
Children who experience nature regularly are more likely to eat nutritious foods, especially if they are part of the growing process; show higher levels of understanding of nutrition, and are more likely to continue eating healthily throughout their lives.

7. Improves social skills
Children are more likely to have better social skills if allowed the freedom to have unstructured play with others in nature.

8. Improves self-discipline
Access to natural settings enhances children’s peace, self-control and self-discipline.

9. Reduces stress
The colour green is known to be a relaxing and tranquil colour. Children who are exposed to natural settings are calmer and less stressed.

The ultimate goal of every parent is to raise happy, healthy children. Exposure to nature is one way we can help them on their life long journey towards these goals.