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Tens Frames and Farm Life


I just discovered Singapore maths and so far, I love the concept and it’s transformed Lady P! She is making great connections! I just bought the first textbook and workbook from Maths! No Problem! so I will let you know how they are and review them here! 

Lady P used the tens frame in helping her understand addition facts. She made the connection between 8+6 and 10+4 by moving two different coloured counters around. I watched various YouTube videos by Maths! No Problem and found them interesting! 

In the afternoon, we went on a homeschool trip to the farm! Over 130 home ed people showed up so it was great support!

The kids had a great time and enjoyed being outside all afternoon! They got a chance to brush ponies, feed goats, pet snakes and rats, feed lambs and play with new friends! It was a wonderful day!

We Socialise Dogs, Not Children


I apologise in advance for this rant.  I was speaking with a woman today who asked me about what school I was planning on sending my children.  I told her my plans to home educate…I wasn’t preaching people!  I simply told her I was planning to educate MY children in MY home!  Her look of judgement and condemnation were enough to make my blood boil.  Here is the gist of the conversation along with my real thoughts at the time: Read the rest of this entry