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Coniferous Leaves


Had a really good morning schooling today! Lady P got down to business in anticipation of her friend coming round for a play date. 

She completed her reading lesson; practiced her counting by  5s and 10s; counted backwards from 10 confidently and started to count backwards from 20; sorted coins with their number amounts; wrote some more of her story; compared coniferous leaves to deciduous leaves and made notes.  Cheeky girl practiced counting objects and writing the number down and she practiced the letter c and d and made pictures of things starting with those letters. 

Afterwards, friends came to play all afternoon! It was a good day!

Pond Dipping and Mini Beast Hunting


Today we met up with other homeschooling families and went to Beacon Fell for a Mini-Beast Hunt and Pond Dipping!  The girls had a great time!  Although they were 2 of the youngest there, the older kids really took an interest in them and included them in the experience.

All ready for pond dipping with Nick the park ranger!

All ready for pond dipping with Nick the park ranger!

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Two Families: Homeschooling Day


Today we headed over to our friend’s house, who also home educates her children, for a baking session.  It is really nice to get the kids together with other like-minded  homeschooling families,to socialise and do activities together!  There were four children all together (including 2 under 14 months) which can be quite difficult!  It can be difficult to homeschool and look after a baby at the same time, so you just do what you can!  But today’s session was very successful and the children (including babies) had a lot of fun!

Today’s highlight: Lady P was given an egg which she banged on the table one handed and put in the mixing bowl, egg shell and all.  It was pretty funny!


IMG_3787Lady P is wearing an apron and hat that I made myself from a website called Making Montessori Ours.  The author was kind enough to put a free pattern on her website, which I printed off and sewed myself (can you hear the pride in my voice?).  This is a very straightforward pattern and is perfect for beginners. In fact, it’s my first project.



After we had lunch (and cupcakes), the children did a picture together then played with play dough!  It was a great day!